Oxstren Wearable Tech, a startup based in Navi Mumbai, needed a partner that would help them manufacture a medical device. The device, a fitness evaluator, consisted of parts that had to be plastic and flexible. The quantity they had in mind for their first run: 20. Needless to say, most manufacturers did not find it a feasible project to partner on.


Oxstren wanted to manufacture a fitness evaluator that would be worn as a wrist accessory. It needed to be fitted with belts and loops in a flexible material and have a smooth, attractive finish. It was a time intensive project with production needed in various materials for an initial run of just 20 quantity. They could not find a manufacturer with the right capabilities and approached Imaginarium to partner with them.


Imaginarium decided to employ SLA to develop the frame and buttons to get a premium, smooth finish using high end materials. Parts that demanded to be flexible were made using VC in a rubber equivalent material giving them durability and flexibility. This made the device maintain its premium look without losing out on its primary function.


  • Frame, side buttons- made in Accura 25 using SLA, painted black and finished in matte. Case band, belts and loop- made using VC in a rubber equivalent material. The buckle was casted in Brass and finished with Rhodium to give it a steel-like appearance.
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