Batch production of a medium quantity of bottles using a 3D printed mold.


A medium batch production of specific bottle prototype was needed that required molding high melt point plastics. Along with that the finished parts had to have the appearance of a specific production. Imaginarium was approached to resolve both the problems.


Imaginarium used 3D printed molds as they are the best fit when quantity is low to moderate and the part is small to moderately sized. They adjusted the molding parameters to the bottle's size to accommodate the plastic. To match production run, solution was applied when a particular set of materials was used. It was followed up by sanding and polishing mold cavities to achieve the desired effect.


PolyJet is a best fit:

• Quantity is low to moderate. − 1 - 1,000 blow molded parts

• Part is small to moderately sized. − 1 ml - 1 liter (0.03 - 35 oz)

• Production materials are needed. − PP, LDPE, HDPE and PET

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