An additive manufacturing technique that can be used for aesthetic testing and production of highly detailed parts with a smooth finish. A technology that supports light duty functional parts and used as a master pattern for short run tooling.


When the historic site of Dandi March fell out of the nation's consciousness, the Ministry of Culture proposed The Dandi Salt Satyagraha Memorial to revive its importance. Industrial Design Centre (IDC) of IIT Bombay is entrusted with the research, design visualization and the creation of art components which brought together sculptors from different parts of India and the world to create life-size sculptures of all the eighty people who were a part of the ‘March’. They approached Imaginarium for printing statues of all 80 marchers in different sizes and materials, to be used as a memento, or placed in the museums dedicated to the ‘March’. 


Imaginarium decided to process by using the high resolution 3D scanner to map elbow sized sculptures of all the eighty marchers which would also be used as a reference model to sculpt life-size statues. Each shot of its Sensor, captures 8 millions data points with a data capture accuracy of 5 microns making it the best solution for handling any measurement work and reverse engineering application. This helped create the sculptures and mementos and showed the potential of 3D printing for archaeology or for reproducing accurate data.


  • Reverse Engineering: 3D scanning
  • Part to 3D CAD Inspection: Surface inspection of component with CAD model
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