Patient, a 68 year old male, had earlier suffered bone loss from hip joint. THA (Total Hip Anthroplasty) was performed to bring the condition under control. However, few years down the line the acetabulum cup shifted from its original position resulting in improper contact between bone and implant (previous surgery) causing severe pain and discomfort.


Suffering severe bone loss, a septuagenarian patient had undergone Total Hip Arthroplasty to bring the condition under control. However over the years the acetabulum cup shifted resulting in severe pain and discomfort. The doctors diagnosed that there was improper contact between the bone and the implant and needed a model to replicate the condition. Imaginarium took on the task to give a model that could be used for analysis.


To begin with a digital model was made. Once that was finalised with the surgeons, it was printed. The model helped in the analysis of the condition and hence proper planning of the surgery.

Technology used

  • DICOM data for accuracy,3D CAD modeling. Model made in PA 12 using SLS.
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