Great design is successful only when it gets translated into a lasting quality product.. At imaginarium, the objective is to minimize the baggage of manufacturing constraints and open up a whole new design world, one idea at a time. Here was a great piece of jewelry which had free-moving interlocked links. The challenge was to achieve a degree of accuracy which would not have been possible with the conventional methods of jewelry making and create a masterpiece which otherwise would not come to life.


The CAD was generated from the design sketch. This file was converted into the master model using 3DP which was then casted into gold as a single piece. No soldering or assembly was involved in the process. The result was a stunning piece of lightweight jewelry that is made as a single piece, has freely movable links and customized- all this with an almost impossible level of accuracy.

Technology Used

  • 3D modeling
  • Master pattern in MJM
  • Casting in Gold
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