The beginning of a beautiful forever calls for a grand declaration. Atit wanted to make his proposal special, and what better way to express love than to have the sweet sounds connected forever to the ring. Imaginarium took up the task of bringing alive the magic of this charming love story.


Imaginarium conceptualised the ring design and presented it to Atit. The voice of him saying his wife Yogita’s name was recorded and the resulting soundwave was incorporated into left shank of the ring next to a diamond studded male motif. Similarly, the soundwave of Yogita saying Atit’s name was inscribed on the right shank. The sketch was then converted into a CAD which was casted in Gold. After the post processing, the diamond setting was done manually by expert craftsmen achieving the finesse of a fine jeweller. With the help of Advanced technology Imaginarium captured the sounds of love realising this modern day fairytale.

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